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Shared Services & Outsourcing for Financial Services & Insurance Executive Roundtable AgendaShared Services & Outsourcing for Financial Services & Insurance Executive Roundtable Agenda
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Fast Track Your AttendanceFast Track Your Attendance

  • Who Will Take Part in the Roundtables?Who Will Take Part in the Roundtables?
    At the BFSI roundtables in October, you’ll be able discuss and debate the hottest shared services & outsourcing topics with the following attendees.
  • Justify Your Attendance LetterJustify Your Attendance Letter
    Do you need help justifying your trip to the BFSI Executive Roundtables? Download our customizable letter to help convince management that the time and cost of the event is more than worth it.
  • Who Will Attend Shared Services & Outsourcing for BFSI?Who Will Attend Shared Services & Outsourcing for BFSI?
    The event brings together high-level executives who want to connect with the BFSI community and share best practices. Here is a list of attendees at our previous two events in Atlanta and New York so that you get a sense of who you’ll meet when you attend this year.


  • Is the Mobile Revolution Here for BFSI?Is the Mobile Revolution Here for BFSI?
    The increasing penetration of mobile devices in emerging and developed markets heralds an interesting future. But while the obvious impact of this technology has been widely documented in the international media, especially in banking & finance, the response from the shared services world is still somewhat muted (even within those same banks). Only 25% of SSCs are currently providing support on mobile devices.
  • Is Hybrid the Right Solution For You?Is Hybrid the Right Solution For You?
    More than 90% of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance organizations have some combination of shared services, captives and third party outsourcing in place. Companies  that opt for the hybrid model contract with outsourcing providers who have built up expertise in specific industries and processes, as part of a sourcing strategy that leverages best practices internally and externally to achieve compliance. For many organizations, the hybrid model marks the best balance between control and compliance that BFSI requires.


  • Robotic Process Automation Mind MapRobotic Process Automation Mind Map
    SSON partnered with Everest Group to create this expansive "mind map" about robotic process automation. Learn about the business case factors, top challenges, typical uses and software examples.


  • Trends in Outsourcing, GBS & Shared Services:Trends in Outsourcing, GBS & Shared Services:
    Last year, Everest Group presented extensive benchmarking results about the latest trends relating to compliance, sourcing, location and analytics.
  • Generating Business Value through OutsourcingGenerating Business Value through Outsourcing
    This in-depth presentation was shared by Hasan Dewan, Head of Global Technology, Russell Investments. He discusses moving beyond the basics of scale and cost arbitrage into the exciting next frontier of outsourcing and shared services.
  • The Regulatory Impact of Dodd FrankThe Regulatory Impact of Dodd Frank
    Vinod Jain, VP, Strategist at BNY Mellon, went into great detail about the current regulatory environment, key aspects of reform and the biggest challenges to overcome.



  • Top Industry Challenges & SolutionsTop Industry Challenges & Solutions
    This report features the Top 8 Shared Services & Outsourcing Challenges for the Financial Services & Insurance industries, along with potential solutions for each. Each of the challenges discussed in this report will be discussed in greater detail at the Summits in Atlanta and New York. 
  • Roundtable Report: Latest Financial Services TrendsRoundtable Report: Latest Financial Services Trends
    Although the financial services industry has survived one of the most turbulent times in its history, challenges remain. Dodd-Frank continues to have an impact, there is pressure to win back old clients, technologies have gone stale, margins are tightening and AML & Fraud losses plague the industry. Against this backdrop, we asked 7 leading shared services & outsourcing decision-makers to share their thoughts on leading industry trends.
  • For Richer, For PoorerFor Richer, For Poorer

    This special report explores how 21st-century capitalism should respond to the present challenge; it will examine the recent history of both inequality and social mobility; and it will offer four contemporary case studies: the United States, emerging Asia, Latin America and Sweden.

  • The Economist: Outsourcing and OffshoringThe Economist: Outsourcing and Offshoring
    This report published by The Economist concludes that American companies are rethinking their offshoring strategies after decades of sending work across the world. American firms are now "reshoring" after realizing the disadvantages of distance -- the high cost of shipping heavy goods and the lag of weeks goods spend in transit.


  • Outsourcing Trends in BFSIOutsourcing Trends in BFSI
    Do you ever wonder what’s behind the providers you hear so much about? You may have been on the receiving end of a pitch from some; read something online; or heard a name mentioned from a colleague. A team, as we all know, is only as good as its people—more specifically, as effective as its leader. So Barbara Hodge recently called up Keyur Maniar, who heads Wipro’s Banking, Financial Services and Insurance BPO vertical. This is the biggest vertical within Wipro's BPO, and as such we wanted to ask him why he felt that the BFSI sector was still leading the way in outsourcing, and how he was positioning Wipro to meet the demands of today’s customers.
  • Look Beyond the Look Beyond the 'Usual' of Past Predictions to Forecast 'Eventful' Future Predictions
    In this interview, Martin Goldberg, Senior Director of Model Validation at Standard & Poor's, discusses traditional models and how past predictions are not necessarily indicators of future predicitions. As Goldberg states, "Humans have the ability to learn and adapt, so future events will not be indentical to previous ones ... but ... generals are always preparing to figh the previous war."
  • Custom v. Generic Scoring Models: CitigroupCustom v. Generic Scoring Models: Citigroup's Shares Tips
    Kaitlyn Hu shares some insight into Citigroup's Custom and Generic Scoring Models as well as the company's 10-step process in developing credit risk score models.

    Kaitlyn joined Citi in 2009 as Vice President of Model & Scoring, Analytics. Her previous positions include Senior Score Model Control Manager at Freddie Mac and Senior Securities Analyst at Wells Fargo.


  • How Finance Analytics Deletes Error Caused by Human Opinion and Emotion How Finance Analytics Deletes Error Caused by Human Opinion and Emotion
    Listen in as Khosrow Dehnad explains how financial model developers make decisions regarding pricing, statistical methodology and calibration using advanced analytics. Dehnad is the Adjunct Professor of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research at Columbia University.
  • Hottest Shared Services Trends for BFSIHottest Shared Services Trends for BFSI
    Michael Koontz, the Chairman of the SSO for Financial Services & Insurance Summit, chats with Eric Simonson, Managing Director of Research at Everest Group, about the latest shared services trends for the BFSI industry. They discuss whether a paradigm shift is taking place, whether jobs are returning onshore, and the challenges facing executives.

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