Day 2

Day 2

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8:30 AM Registration

9:00 AM Chairman's Recap of Day One

Michael Koontz , Chief Advisor, SSON

Michael Koontz
Chief Advisor
While not the most glamorous part of the story, current regulations, and how they impact the business is central to any strategy in
BFSI. Discussions will include:
• What are the primary regulatory changes impacting business the most?
• How are we using outsourcing to combat the talent availability challenge?
• How much of the regulatory work can be centralized vs having to remain in the business and is there further opportunity to
move this work to lower cost locations?

1:15 PM Part 8: Effective Talent Strategy Around Shared Services

John Standring , Senior Vice President of Global Financial Operations, American Express

Recruiting and rethinking talent is one attribute all recognize as a driver for success for companies. Recent studies show it costs
organizations on average 150% of their starting salary to recruit and train a new employee, so how do we protect this valuable
asset once we have it? Don’t leave yourself out of this thought process. In this session we will look at:
• How to provide progression for yourself and those who work for you?
• How do you attract, retain and grow talent in a shared services or strategic sourcing environment?
• What ongoing training and development supports retention?
• Does involvement in external groups and industry organizations support retention?
John Standring
Senior Vice President of Global Financial Operations
American Express
The need to drive efficiency in organizations, regardless of whether it is a shared services, captive or third party model continues to
challenge companies. Many have found that the solution resides in a combination of technology and process improvement. The
tools today being deployed by companies from high-end analytics to full blown automation has each trying to figure out where
on this continuum is the best fit for our organization. Let’s look at some examples of how similar companies are approaching the
balance to drive efficiency and effectiveness in their own organizations.

10:00 AM Part 6: How Effective Governance Models Can Make a Difference in a Company

Bryan Alli , Head, IT Vendor Management, AIG

Companies continue to wrestle with the right governance models to be most effective in their organizations. While organizational
culture usually drives much of the model, the questions of what will be most effective continue to mount and the answers continue
to change:
• Should outsourcing and shared services organizations be centralized under one organization, and if so, which one?
• Should BPO and ITO be together or functionally aligned?
• How much control should reside in the businesses vs in a central group?
• What technology and practices are being utilized to manage suppliers and how can this make a difference in performance?
Bryan Alli
Head, IT Vendor Management
This is your opportunity to discuss everything and anything you still want clarity over.
Shared Services & Outsourcing for Financial Services & Insurance Executive Roundtable AgendaShared Services & Outsourcing for Financial Services & Insurance Executive Roundtable Agenda
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