October 27, 2014

Day 1

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12:30 PM Registration

1:30 PM Chairman's Opening Remarks

Michael Koontz , Chief Advisor, SSON

Michael Koontz
Chief Advisor

1:40 PM Part 1: How Are Your Executive Agendas Changing?

Robin Shahani , CPO, TD Ameritrade

The BFSI industry continues to go through a myriad of changes long after the 2008 recession turned everything on its head. The
changing landscape of the industry and the dynamics of new entrants, new markets, new arbitrage, regulatory changes, and
geopolitical and product evolution has had major impact on executive agendas. To keep pace, executives have to continually evolve
these agendas. Each of these factors in isolation can have a dramatic impact on the company’s strategies, the question becomes –
what are the biggest drivers now impacting the executive agenda and how will the business be impacted?
Robin Shahani
TD Ameritrade

2:30 PM Part 2: Shared Services/Captives/3rd Party Models and Everything in Between: Examine and Explore Current Modeling Trends in the BFSI Industries

David Braxton , Senior Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, SunTrust Bank

Kurt Pearson , Senior Vice President of Retail Globalsourcing, Wells Fargo

Capital is always a constraint for businesses; each organization must evaluate the ROI of their investments and make tough decisions
on what to continue to invest in and which ones to consider divesting. Through this discussion, we will evaluate each model
and the basis that companies are using to come to a decision on the models they will continue to deploy for their organizations.
Questions for discussion:
• Who is divesting their captives and who is expanding?
• Are shared services being expanded or is the work being moved to third parties?
• Are outsourcing agreements being structured to enable more or less sourcing model flexibility?
• What are the drivers for companies in making the determination of the right model for their organizations?
David Braxton
Senior Vice President, Strategic Sourcing
SunTrust Bank
Kurt Pearson
Senior Vice President of Retail Globalsourcing
Wells Fargo
Contracting strategies might not be the first thing that BFSI executives rush to debate, but issues that arise are most certainly
universal as most companies have some sort of agreement with a provider. In this session, the group will have the opportunity to
share best practices and tricks they use in their third party contracts to not only improve their results, but to improve their vendor
• Which areas of contracts have you seen the most change?
• What areas of the agreements have been impacted most by regulatory changes?
• How have you used terms in your agreement to enable or create stronger relationships between Parties?
• What is a “carrot clause,” how have you used them to promote performance and how successful have they been?
Ryan McNeal
While India continues to dominate the outsourcing industry companies are asking themselves - where else is in play? Recent trends
show that domestic options are taking shape like we haven’t seen before with Texas, Florida and Michigan leading the way as viable
onshore options. In this discussion group, we’ll look at onshore, nearshore and offshore options and understand the implications to
business models. Discussions will be around:
• Which geographies are increasing in popularity and which ones are fading or not making the cut? i.e. Russia, Latin America or
Eastern Europe
• What are the drivers of expansion?
• How are domestic locations playing into the global solutions? Reshoring or enabling onshore consolidation?
• How can companies successfully integrate all three models in their business?
Eric Simonson
Managing Partner, Research
Everest Group

5:45 PM Reception

Shared Services & Outsourcing for Financial Services & Insurance Executive Roundtable AgendaShared Services & Outsourcing for Financial Services & Insurance Executive Roundtable Agenda
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